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Welcome to Ultra Nation:

We have the best fans!  Ultra Nation is everyone who plays Ultra Bags.  From Team Ultra’s Pro and Advanced players, to backyard baggers and social-division slingers, Ultra Nation is you.  We appreciate our fans and players new and old.  Whether you’ve been tossing Ultra from the earliest days or you just picked up your first set of Viper-Rs during the last release, you are a part of our family.  Our players have been the driving force of Ultra’s growth.  With players tossing Vipers, sharing their Widows at blind draws, or putting everything from Psychos to Butters on podiums across the United States and internationally, it’s our players who built the foundation that is Ultra Nation.

The Ultra fan is second to none in their support of their favorite cornhole bag company and Team Ultra.  Since 2016, Ultra has worked tirelessly to provide it’s players and fans with the very best bags.  Mark Pryor, “The Michelangelo of Bags”, has searched high and low for new and unique materials to make the most innovative bags in the game.  Ultra makes something for every condition and every player.  That is going to be even more evident in the 2022-23 ACL season with some insane new models being added to the Ultra lineup.

The Start:

Innovation and Quality have been the cornerstones of Ultra Bags since day one.  Out of a garage, duck cloth was paired with suede, and the first Ultra Bag was born.  From those first bags, a commitment to producing premium quality bags was evident.  Players loved the balanced feel of the bag that can only be achieved with the industry’s best closing seam. As sublimation was introduced to bags, Ultra lead the way with vibrant colors and the best designs.  Pairing new materials, Ultra pushed into the forefront of competition cornhole bags and the fastbag wars began.

Around 2017-2018 Team Ultra first became “a thing”.  Local SoCal players began traveling to events with Mark Pryor and winning with Ultra’s bags.  Traveling to events like The Throwdown or Wild West Shootout were some of the first stops.  Players from Arizona quickly joined the group and this is when they first started calling themselves a “Team”.  The culture of working together, sharing information and helping one another was what bonded these players. This culture lead to winning and that continues to this day.

The Revolution:

On September 1st, 2019, everything changed! Cornhole was revolutionized by Ultra’s Viper.  The slipperiest and most hole friendly bag to ever hit a board took the game by storm.  Soon after, Ultra’s Widow hit the boards and there was no turning back from the fastbag revolution.  Leading the way with new variations and bag models like Viper-C, Psycho and Butter took Ultra to the top in many regions of the country.  In 2020, Ultra inked a deal with the American Cornhole League, and the ACL stamp was applied to all Ultra bags.  New bag models like Widow-B and Butter were introduced.  This allowed for players with different styles to become a part of the Ultra family.

For the 2021-22 season, Ultra blew the doors off bag technology with the introduction of the X and R materials bringing fastbag hold friendliness to slower, more controllable bags.  Commitment to our players has fueled a massive following through the years.


This is the birth of Ultra Nation. By 2021, it seemed like EVERYONE was tossing Ultra Bags.  Team Members started popping up across the United States.  National Championships were won and Ultra Bags were on Podiums from the furthest corners of the United States all the way home to San Diego.  In 2022, The Ultra Team strategically added  top talent from around the country to Team Ultra’s Advanced Team.  This formally collected some the very best shooters and that culture of working together increased. State Championships start piling up with players shooting Ultra bags. And in 2022 Ultra put several high profile championships into it’s trophy case:

  • 2022 ACL World Championship Pro Doubles
  • 2022 ACL World Championship Mixed Doubles
  • 2022 USA Cornhole Doubles National Championship
  • 2022 USA Cornhole Juniors Doubles National Championship


Ultra Cornhole National Team USA Cornhole

Ultra Nation Schermerhorn


The Future:

The train has left the station and there is no holding it back now!  Every time we see an Ultra Bag in a podium pic, no matter how small, we see our fans out there showing the world what Ultra bags can do!  We thank you for all of the support.  We dedicate Ultra Nation to you.  Let’s grow it together.  In 2022-23, we look forward to seeing you on the boards and remember #throwultra.

Ultra Nation, Cornhole Train


About Eric Tscherne

American Cornhole League (ACL) Professional cornhole player. Team Ultra player since 2019. Began playing cornhole in 2014 on a beach in San Diego with some local dads on a camping trip.

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  1. Love ultra bags. From the widows, widow Rs, to the viper c. I just wish I could buy more sets of the viper Cs, to the viper R. Great bags.

  2. I have threw a lot of bags lately and nothing can compare to my ultras. The Viper B and Viper R being my favorite so far but I definitely love to have my widows for other situations as well. #ultranation

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