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So you want to be part of Team Ultra.  You’ve been putting in the work, winning events, and want to step your game up.  Joining the team is your dream.  The next step is understanding what it takes.

Who’s on Team Ultra now?

Team Ultra has 2 types of players at this time.  First up are our Pro Players. Ultra Cornhole produces ACL (American Cornhole League) approved bags and sponsors a number of ACL Pro players. These players have earned their way into the ACL’s Pro Division.  They regularly compete against other pro players at National, Shootout, and Open tournaments throughout the country.  These Elite Level players represent Ultra whenever and wherever they play.  You can find these players playing at the local level up through the Pro Tour.  Checkout who is on our team here.

The second type of player we have on Team Ultra is the Advanced Player.  Team Ultra’s advanced players are some of the best players in their areas around the country.  Our Advanced Team, similar to our Pro Team, represents Ultra at local events, Regionals, Conference and State Events as well as Opens.  Most of our Advanced Team also attend the ACL’s World Championships each year.  Sprinkle in some big tournaments like Spencer Mackenzie’s The Throwdown, Triple Crown, and Beast of the East, and you can see that our Advanced Team is composed of some of the country’s best up and coming players and even some former Pros.

What is Team Ultra looking for?

You may ask yourself, ”What are we looking for?”.  Our Team players represent our products and company.  In addition to being pretty good at cornhole, we are looking for players who can be good ambassadors for the game and our company.  We look for players who are active in their areas.  Team players are playing locally 2-3 times a week and almost every weekend.  These players are out in the community playing Ultra bags, putting Ultra on podiums and sharing Ultra bags with their friends and partners along the way, aka “Spreading the love”.  We look for our players to also be active on social media with cornhole content from practice sessions, live streams, and photographs with friends at tournaments.  Below you’ll find some details about the criteria we use when determining if a player is the right fit for Team Ultra.

  • Skill Level – We look for Advanced Players that are top-level players in their region, have great character, and will be ambassadors to Ultra and the game of cornhole.
    • PPR (Points Per Round) is going to be around 8.5+.
    • We are looking for players with SPRs over 70.
    • Winning % is going to be 65-70% or greater.
  • Experience Level – Some players may be newer, but for the most part, we look at sustained participation and performance over time.  We do this by examining current and past season participation in a multitude of ACL events.
    • Team Players are only playing Advanced at events they participate in.
    • Team Players are generally going to have 3+ years of experience.
  • ACL Participation/Standing – Prospective players should be participating in several ACL local events, monthly ACL regional events, Conference, State, and Open events.  We like for our Team players to strive for high ranking ACL points standings in their state and conference.
    • Depending where in the season we are at, our team will look at a player’s rankings, finishes and number of events they have played in.  We can compare that against what other players in your area and on our Team have done.
    • We look for Elite Level players.  Those players will perform best as the stakes get raised.  We love to see our Team playing well at Conference and State level tournaments and Opens.  A great way to get our attention is to notch a big win against top opponents or make a deep run at a big event.
  • Active on Social Media.  Players should be frequently posting cornhole-related content, sharing Ultra content, and tagging Ultra across multiple social media platforms.
    • Keeping content related to cornhole, and other personal activities, is great.  We love our players to share what they are doing, especially on the boards.
    • Avoid controversial material on social media.  Cornhole is for everyone and there is no need to alienate players who might want to follow you or who may be interested in Ultra.
  • Give Back.  We like to see our Team Players giving back to their communities.  Maybe you run a charity tournament, or you help coach some new players or kids.  You might be a local director or run a weekly blind draw or league. We know that the top players on the Team have benefited from the game and we like to see them finding ways to support the cornhole community and giving back to their communities at home.

What’s in it for me?

What does being on Team Ultra as an Advanced player do for you?  We support our Team Players with bags and gear to help them on their cornhole journeys.  There are discounts on releases and other perks as well.  Most importantly is joining a strong team of top players from the Pro and Advanced levels.  You’ll have access to the other players on the team.  This could result in some good partnership opportunities or maybe you find a mentor.  The team has a massive amount of experience and can help players grow their skills.  You get what you put into it, but the opportunity opens the door to so many possibilities.

What’s Next?

Start polishing up those resumes.  The summer season is a great time to show up and show out with several tournaments every weekend and some big events across the country.  This is the time to prove you have what it takes.  We will start shaping our Team for 2022-23 towards the end of the summer.  At that time, look for some more info on how you can get yourself into consideration to join Team Ultra.

About Eric Tscherne

American Cornhole League (ACL) Professional cornhole player. Team Ultra player since 2019. Began playing cornhole in 2014 on a beach in San Diego with some local dads on a camping trip.

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  1. Been playing for a while and winning a lot. I play with Butters I really like them and everyone calls me #butternation..As I start this new season I would like to know if you all will sponsor me. I asked last year but was to late. If so it would be awesome and a privilege to be part of TEAM ULTRA.
    Thanks for your time


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