Help is Here.

When placing an order, double check you have entered the correct email and please write down your order number.  Sometimes the confirmation email will go to junk/spam folders.  Please double check there.  

SHIPPING: Please review our shipping policies and product terms and conditions regarding standard shipping timelines.  However, some product releases take longer and processing times will be listed on those specific product pages. 

RELEASES: Many people have requested information on how to purchase our Viper and Widow bags as well as other specific models.   Because of the popularity of our bags, we have developed a Release Program. We release models in specific quantities at a certain time. We post about the releases on our Facebook Page.  We do not stock bags so if you see a bag you like, we recommend buying it during the release or while it is available on our site as it may not be produced again for an unspecified period of time.

Here are some helpful links:

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