Ultra Cornhole FAQs


Below you will find some answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). Additionally, This is a great place to find information before sending an email or reaching out via DM.

Where our products are made:

  • Ultra Bags are made in the USA at our shop in San Diego, CA.
  • Our Boards are made in the USA at our shop in San Diego, CA.
  • Apparel is sourced and customized in the San Diego area. Jerseys are made overseas and thus take a little more time to produce.

Specs for Bags:

  • Our bags are handmade and manufactured to our strict standards.
  • Each bag is inspected multiple times before we ship them to ensuring they meet our specifications.
  • Ultra Bags are ACL Approved.
  • Our bags are used by 50+ American Cornhole League pro players.


Specs for Boards:

  • Our boards meet specification for tournament play under ACL Rules as well as most governing bodies.


Care for Bags:

  • Ultra Bags can be hand washed.
  • Breaking-In and caring for your Ultra Bags can be done with our Ultra 1hr Break-In Kit. This will get your bags ready for play quicker and will not void any warranties.
  • Boiling your bags, using other products and harsh chemicals including Vinegar, Toss Sauce, Sack Relax, Fabric Softeners and more will void any warranties.


Bag Warranty:

  • Our Bag Warranty is 45 days from the date received. 
  • The warranty covers stitching failures and manufacturing defects. 
  • Additionally, Cosmetic defects must be brought to our attention within 7 days from the date received. 
  • The warranty does not cover snags as described under the bag Terms and Conditions when purchasing bags. 
  • Last, the warranty is not transferable.

Charitable Donations:

  • Ultra Cornhole has supported thousands of charitable organizations with product donations over the years.
  • We receive in excess of 500 requests a year.   
  • Our donations are planned out 2-3 months in advance. Please plan accordingly when making your requests as our monthly budget may be exhausted the closer to your event’s date.
  • Donation requests are processed via email. Please send event details (Location, Size, ect.) plus event links, flyers and other information when making your request.
  • We are more likely to support 501c and 501c3 organizations.
  • We will send a link to our donation form once you have met certain criteria.


  • At Ultra Cornhole, we receive hundreds of requests for sponsorships each month.
  • We currently sponsor 50+ ACL Pro cornhole players and approximately 50 Advanced level players throughout the country as part of Team Ultra.
  • ONLY professional players receive financial sponsorships. Our Advanced players receive equipment and apparel.
  • Our Team Manager along with other individuals within our Team scout new players throughout the year. If you email or DM us concerning sponsorship, we will send your request to this group. 
  • This article details what we are looking for in potential team players: https://ultracornhole.com/ultra-team/ 
  • For Event Sponsorships, we consider these on a case by case basis. Ideally we are looking for events where Ultra is positioned strongly. Please email  event details (Location, Size, ect.) plus event links, flyers and other information when making your request. We may ask you to fill out a form. Give 2-3 months lead time ahead of your event for consideration.