1Hr Bag Break-In Kit

1Hr Bag Break-In Kit


Ultra’s 1 Hour Break-In Kit provides you with everything you need to get your Vipers, Widows, Psychos, Butters and Vapors ready for play! In 1 hour, your bags will be conditioned, cleaned, tumbled and dried so that you can get to putting your bags to work on the boards.


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Ultra Cornhole 1-Hour Bag Break-In Kit!

1hr Break-In Kit for Cornhole Bags

1hr Break-In Kit for Cornhole Bags

With our 1Hr Bag break-in kit, you’ll have your bags ready for play fast! The 1Hr Break-In Kit includes everything you need to quickly, confidently and safely break your Ultra Cornhole bags in perfectly for play. The Ultra 1Hr Break-In Kit will get your bags ready for a blind draw or a big weekend tournament using our tournament-tested 5 Step process. If you want to quickly get your bags from that crunchy, waxy, smooth, out of the bag, NEW feel, to something ready for play, and do it in a way that is safe for your Ultra Cornhole bags, our 1Hr Break-In Kit is perfect for you.



1Hr Break-In Kit Includes:

  1. 4oz. Ultra Cornhole 1Hr Break-In Conditioner
  2. 4 oz. Ultra Cornhole 1 Hr Break-In Soap
  3. Ultra Break-In Mallet
  4. Ultra Break In Basin (12″x12″4.5′)
  5. Ultra microfiber towel (16″x16″)
  6. Instruction Card
1hr Break-in kit for your cornhole bags

1hr Break-in kit for your cornhole bags


Ultra’s 1Hr Break-In Kit is safe for your bags. This process conditions your bags, removes any residue from fabric binders or left over conditioner, and leaves your bags feeling soft and ready to slide and drip, like only Ultra Cornhole bags do!

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in


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