1Hr Bag Break-In Kit


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  • 1Hr Bag Break-In Kit

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    Ultra's 1 Hour Break-In Kit

    Ultra’s 1 Hour Break-In Kit provides you with everything you need to get your Vipers, Widows, Psychos, Butters and Vapors ready for play! In 1 hour, your bags will be conditioned, cleaned, tumbled and dried so that you can get to putting your bags to work on the boards.


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  • Team Ultra Pro Leggings

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    Wear what our pros wear

    Wear what our pros wear with these leggings. Quality leggings with durable screen printed logo. Fit is true.

    Ultra logo on front right leg.

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  • Ultra Elite Boards – Plain

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    The original Elite boards by Ultra

    The original Elite boards by Ultra Cornhole. Play the best. See below for details. 

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  • Vapor-R Ultra Bags (Set of 4 bags)

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    Ultra Vapor-R Bags

    Ultra Vapor-R Bags – ACL Pro Series

    This purchase includes one set of four bags.  Review the terms below before purchasing. Please follow us on Facebook for future releases dates and time.




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  • Viper SnapBack Hat – Black / Snakeskin

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    Flat bill Ultra Viper SnapBack

    Flat bill Ultra Viper SnapBack in black with snakeskin bill and silver embroidered logos. Adjustable.

Ultra Cornhole