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Ultra Cornhole is the premier pro cornhole bags and boards manufacturer for serious cornhole players. We offer an amazing variety of bags for all play styles and conditions. All of our bags are ACL Pro Approved and used by many of the top professional players in the world.  If you are in the market for premium cornhole boards, pro cornhole bags, score tables or other accessories then you have come to the right place.

Featured Release
Ultra Butter-fly Heavy Metal

Our Featured Release for November 24th Black Friday

The NEW Ultra 🧈Butter-fly🦋 in Heavy Metal.  You don’t need to break-in this bag.  It is ready to dominate right out of the package.  Get this bag and let your PPR soar!!!

Previous Releases

The below are the past releases of 2024 ACL Pro Series Bags.  New Releases are announced via our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Ultra Viper-R Gray Camo 2024

Get the Viper-R in a new Steel Gray Camo colorway. The Viper-R was the first Hybrid-Carpet bag on the scene and it continues to be the standard by which all others are measured. Don’t settle for copies, get the original. 

Ultra Butter-fly Light Blue Lewiston Maine

The NEW Ultra 🧈Butter-fly🦋 makes its debut in Light Blue! In tribute to those lives impacted by the recent tragedy in Lewiston, Maine, we have inscribed the initial release with Lewiston, Maine.  10% of proceeds will go to related charitable causes to help those in need.  Thank you for your support!

Ultra Viper-R Mini Group 1

Ultra Minis are HERE! The Viper-R gets the mini treatment. Each bag measures 4″x4″ and weights in at 8oz. They are perfectly balanced and retain the incredible flex and feel of the full-size versions. These Viper-R Mini Bags are sure to have you winning in your living room or at the next mini bag tournament.

Ultra Viper-B Yellow and Black 2024 ACL Pro Series

The Ultra Cornhole Viper-B is just like the Viper but the slow side has a bit more grab to it. If you are looking for the same type of amazing flex as the Viper but want a little more stick on the slow side, look no further. This bag has amazing graphics on both the fast and slow side. You know it is the slow side because that’s where the two big stars are.

Ultra Viper Orange 2024
The Viper bites with the second 2024 🐍 Viper 🐍 release in an awesome new Orange colorway. This one is 🔥! The Viper is known to light the boards up and burn the competition. With our GripTech™ Control Dots on the slow side this bag is great for control and speed resulting in an Ultra high PPR.  Don’t miss out on this sure to be hot release.
Ultra Psycho Blue Ice 2024
Psychos are fast and our first 2024 ACL Pro Psycho cornhole bags are icy fast! Get ’em before the melt.
Ultra Butter Burgundy 2024
It’s so damn hot! Milk was a bad choice. That’s why we went with Butter and Butter is back! This time in an Ultra Classy Burgundy colorway.
Ultra Widow-R Red - ACL Approved 2024 Pro Series
The Widow-R in Red is sure to strike fear in the hearts of men. This bag will cut and roll leaving your opponent seeing red.
Ultra Viper-R Pink Camo 2024
Viper-R in Pink Camo honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We will donate a portion of our proceeds to Breast Cancer Angels.  For more info on this wonderful organization and how you can help, please visit: BreastCancerAngels.org
Ultra Widow-X Pink 2024
Our first Widow-X honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We will donate a portion of our proceeds to Breast Cancer Angels.  For more info on this wonderful organization and how you can help, please visit: BreastCancerAngels.org
Ultra Cornhole Bag Set Viper Black 2024 ACL Pro Series
The Viper is world famous for it’s hole friendliness. It can slither into the hole from almost anywhere on the board. This new model for 2024 features some of our most unique graphics of the new season. Got Fangs?
Ultra Psycho-R Navy - ACL Approved 2024 Pro Series
Psycho-R comes to you in a brand new color!  This two-tone Navy Blue Psycho-R is a great addition to your arsenal if you love a bag that is made for shaping shots. 
Ultra Psycho-X Mint / Pink / Yellow

Our first X-fabric drop for the 2024 season is our Psycho-X. This bag will quickly break-in resulting in a very hole friendly bag with a great in hand feel. It will be Psycho fast on the fast side and the slow side will play true for a player looking to control hole position. This new Mint/Pink/Yellow colorway is sure to be a head turner at your local events.

Feature Products
Viper Elite Level Jersey

NEW Elite Level Viper Jerseys

Love the Viper, Viper-B or Viper-R? Get the Jersey. Our 2023-24 Team will be crushing it in this new fit. 
Feature Products
Women's Ultra Bags T-shirt

Women’s Ultra Bags T-Shirt

New Ultra Bags shirt in women’s sizes.

Ultra Bags T-Shirt Black/Silver

Ultra Bags T-shirt

Pick Up our latest T-shirt here.

Elite Cornhole Boards
Ultra Elite Cornhole Boards

Elite Cornhole Boards

Engineered for maximum performance.

Ultra Trainer Pro

Trainer Pro

Take your game to the next level.
Practice like a Pro.

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Ultra Apparel

Ultra T-Shirts

Get our latest designs for
your next cornhole tournament.

Ultra Hats


Get your head in the game
with Ultra’s selection of lids.

Ultra Accessories
1hr Break-In Kit

1-Hour Break-In Kit

Get your NEW bags
ready for play in about an hour!

Ultra Scorer Pro

Scorer Pro

A must have accessory. Focus on
the game, not remembering the score.

Team Ultra 2024

Meet the 2024 Team

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