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Ultra Cornhole is the premier pro cornhole bags and boards manufacturer for serious cornhole players. We offer an amazing variety of bags for all play styles and conditions. All of our bags are ACL Pro Approved and used by many of the top professional players in the world.  If you are in the market for premium cornhole boards, pro cornhole bags, score tables or other accessories then you have come to the right place.

Featured Release
Ultra Viper-R Home Run Series 2024 Next Up

Introducing the Ultra Home Run Series

Swing for the fences with Ultra’s Home Run Series. You can now rep your city with these new bags. They are also customizable with your name and number. Don’t miss out on your favorite color and check back for new cities to be added to the lineup.   

Ultra Vapor-R Red 2024 c

Featured Release for February 17th, 2024

The Vapor-R Pro Series bag.  Similar to the Viper-R with a tighter weave slow side.  Slow side will play a little quicker than the Viper-R.  The Vapor-R will slow down a bit once broken in.   

Ultra Widow-R Black and Gold 2024

Featured Release for February 3rd, 2024

Special Edition Widow-R Black and Gold. 

Ultra Freak-X Teal Blue 2024 c


Here comes the Freak-X! This is the debut for our NEWEST bag model. The Freak-X combines the insane flexibility and feel of the freakishly fast fast-side of our Freak with a new herringbone carpet slow side. This combo creates one of Ultra’s most flexible bags to date. It is perfect for players looking to play a hole position game with blocks, cuts and rolls. The fast side is perfect for pushing through and collecting bags. X is gonna give it to you. 

Featured Release
Ultra Elite 2 Cornhole Boards

NEW Ultra Elite II Cornhole Boards

Introducing the new Ultra Elite II! This is the most innovative cornhole board on the market. The Elite II utilizes advanced engineering to create one of the stiffest and strongest play surfaces in the game. Modified I-beam construction creates a board with maximum global stiffness. We have also added supports in key areas to address local stiffness and linked it all together with are Quad-Grid Backplate. New Ultra Grips™ are included on every set and work to keep your boards exactly where you put them with no movement! Check them out at our Board Shop

New designs release regularly so be sure to check back often. 

Ultra Elite 2 Cornhole Boards Custom Color / Name

NEW Ultra Elite II Cornhole Boards With Custom Color / Name

You can now get your set of Ultra Elite II boards with the same “stain effect” repeat Ultra pattern as our Team players. You can pick the trim color and add your name/nickname.  Check them out HERE


Ultra Viper-R Minis Wave 2

Let the Good Times Roll!

 NEW Ultra Minis are HERE! Our Mini Viper-R bags measure 4″x4″ each and weight in at 8oz. They are perfectly balanced and retain the incredible flex and feel of the full-size versions. These Viper-R Mini Bags are sure to have you winning in your living room or at the next mini-tournament.

Previous Releases

The below are the past releases of 2024 ACL Pro Series Bags.  New Releases are announced via our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Ultra Butter-fly Green 420 2024

Special Edition Butter-fly in that 420 Green. The Butter-fly is a great combination of materials. A unique fast-side that is exceptionally fast and flexible for the buttery action around the hole. The slow-side is the famed Ultra hybrid material. It is forgiving if you do not throw a flat bag while also having the ultimate in speed control. 

Ultra Viper-R Light Blue Champ 2024

The Champ is HERE! 🏆 ACL Open 7 Singles Champion Jayden Ellis took the top spot slinging Ultra Cornhole Viper-Rs. To celebrate, we are releasing his special colorway as part of our new Champ Series. He beat many of the top ACL Pros along the way, just take a look at the Singles results here. Congrats Jayden!! We are proud of your accomplishment. 

Ultra Viper Purple and Yellow 2024

The Viper is world famous for it’s hole friendliness. It can slither into the hole from almost anywhere on the board. This new model for 2024 features some of our most unique graphics of the new season. Got Fangs?

Ultra Freak Navy 2024

It has awoken from the blizzard conditions of the north with a fire! The Freak will wreak havoc on the boards. Combining an all new fast side, with amazing speed and feel, and a traditional carpet side, the Freak can be manipulated like nothing else.

Ultra Viper-R Red 2024

This Viper-R strikes with a vengeance! The original, often imitated, never duplicated, the Viper-R is the bag that revolutionized the game. Our latest release in red is gorgeous. Get yours before they’re gone. 

Ultra Psycho-R Carbon & Red

The Psycho-R is one of our hottest bags. A very quick fast side is paired with a true carpet slow side creating a diabolical bag. The carpet side will slow down over time making the Pscyho-R a favorite of players who like to roll, cut and flop. 

Ultra Freak Red 2024

Get your freak on with the latest colorway of our new Freak bag.  The slow side is a traditional carpet and about a 5/6 on the speed scale.  The fast side is brand new to the cornhole market and freakishly fast, about 8/9 on the charts.  The feel of this new fast side is amazing and still has the right flex for the hole friendliness Ultra is known for. 

Ultra Viper-R Mini Group 1

Checkout the latest Ultra Cornhole Mini Bags here. New colors drop regularly.

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Ultra Fitted Hats

NEW “Fitted” Hats

Love that fitted style of hat? Ultra has you covered with two new models. Check them and our latest headwear out here.  
Ultra Logo T-shirt Red

Ultra Logo T-shirt

Bleed Ultra? Get the new Ultra Logo T-shirt in red.

Ultra Cornhole Hoodie Blue

NEW Hoodie, now in Blue

Pick up the latest Ultra Hoodies and shop for others here.

Elite Cornhole Boards
Ultra Elite II Cornhole Boards

Elite II Cornhole Boards

Engineered for maximum performance.

Ultra Trainer Pro

Trainer Pro

Take your game to the next level.
Practice like a Pro.

Ultra Gear
Ultra Apparel

Ultra T-Shirts

Get our latest designs for
your next cornhole tournament.

Ultra Hats


Get your head in the game
with Ultra’s selection of lids.

Ultra Accessories
1hr Break-In Kit

1-Hour Break-In Kit

Get your NEW bags
ready for play in about an hour!

Ultra Scorer Pro

Scorer Pro

A must have accessory. Focus on
the game, not remembering the score.

Team Ultra 2024

Meet the 2024 Team

The news has been breaking daily! Checkout who will be throwing Ultra on the ACL Pro Tour this season.
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Ultra News

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