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Ultra Cornhole is the premier bag and board supplier for serious cornhole players. We offer an amazing variety of bags for all play styles and conditions. Our bags are ACL Approved and used by many of the top professional players in the world.  If you are in the market for premium cornhole boards, bags, score tables or other accessories then you have come to the right place.

Featured Release
Ultra Psycho-R Navy - ACL Approved 2024 Pro Series

Our Featured Release for October 1st 5pm PT (8pm ET)

Psycho-R is a killer bag! A new color released for this 2024 Pro Series bag. The speed on this bag is about a 5-6 on the slow side and a 8-9 on the fast side (Broken in on 75F 40% RH).  But this really depends on how broken in it is and the moisture % in the air.  Brand new this bag will run a little quick.  However, when the boards are hot and fast, this bag really begins to take charge.  Your confidence will go sky high. A great compliment to any players arsenal.   
Team Ultra 2024

Meet the 2024 Team

The news has been breaking daily! Checkout who will be throwing Ultra on the ACL Pro Tour this season.
Previous Releases

The below are the past releases of 2024 ACL Pro Series Bags.  New Releases are announced via our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Ultra Viper-R Red Camo - ACL Approved 2024 Pro Series
Viper-R is the hottest bag in cornhole! This 2024 Pro Series bag comes in a red hot camo pattern combined with the famous red slow side for what is sure to be a bag that strikes fear into your opponent. Or at least looks great on the board! 
Ultra Widow-R Light Blue - ACL Approved 2024 Pro Series
The 2024 stamped Widow-R comes in Light Blue with a grunge inspired plaid pattern. It’s also the first time the Widow-R uses the light blue slow side.
Ultra Vapor-R White - ACL Approved 2024 Pro Series

Vapor-R is BACK! Get one of our must underrated bags in a NEW never-before released White design.
Also available are Blue and Red colorways with the 2024 stamp.

Ultra Psycho-R Yellow - ACL Approved 2024 Pro Series

Our newest series in a brand new color.  You have seen ACL Pro Ryan Hart win a Pro Shootout on CBS Sports using the Psycho-R. He was amazing making the bag do what he wanted.  Cuts, rolls, back door, pushing, you name it.  This bag is fire!!

Ultra Psycho-X Mint / Pink / Yellow

Our first X-fabric drop for the 2024 season is our Psycho-X. This bag will quickly break-in resulting in a very hole friendly bag with a great in hand feel. It will be Psycho fast on the fast side and the slow side will play true for a player looking to control hole position. This new Mint/Pink/Yellow colorway is sure to be a head turner at your local events.

Ultra Viper-B Blue and Yellow

Viper-B is back for 2024 with a hot new blue and yellow colorway. The Viper-B is built to block. The slow side has a fabric with good bite that allows for players to work the bags in a position style game. It also can be cut and rolled well on the slow side. The fast side is fast and the bag breaks-in to be very soft and hole friendly. 

Ultra Viper-R Black Camo Orange

The Ultra Cornhole Viper-R is the hottest bag in cornhole. For the last year, this bag has dominated the game. It’s unique hybrid-carpet slow side tracks true and straight helping everyone from backyard player to pro pour more bags into the hole. Our latest Viper-R is available is a stealth black camo pattern with orange trim. 

Psycho-R Midnight Blue

The Psycho-R has been one of the hottest new releases in the game. The slow side starts out as fairly fast. As it breaks in, the fabric slows down. Depending on how a player likes their bags to play, they can continue to slow it down even more. The bag is great for playing a hole position game and the fast side is perfect for sliding through and collecting bags. 

Ultra Viper-R Green

Viper-R is back in action for the 2024 season.  This time it is Green with the Cash Game Viper logo. Don’t forget to grab a Cash Game Viper T-shirt with your order.

Ultra Butter Teal Blue
Butter for President 2024.  This bag is the first release of 2024.  Butter has a silky smooth fast side and grippy slow side.  Designed for blocking, get arounds and airmails.  This bag is so hole friendly, it slides in like Butter.
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