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Ultra Cornhole is the premier bag and board supplier for serious cornhole players. We offer an amazing variety of bags for all play styles and conditions. Our bags are ACL Approved and used by many of the top professional players in the world.  If you are in the market for premium cornhole boards, bags, score tables or other accessories then you have come to the right place.

Our Featured Release for Sunday March 12th @ 5pm PST (8pm EST)

The Viper is the bag that altered the course of cornhole.  It’s a perfect mix of speed and flex.  The Viper when fully broken in is extremely hole friendly.  The fast side will cut through or go around any clutter that is blocking the hole.  If you need a utility bag that gets the job done, this is the obvious choice.

Previous Releases

2023 ACL Pro Series Bags.  Recent Ultra Cornhole bags releases are periodically restocked.  Click the below bag models for availability. New Releases are announced via our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Ultra Widow-R Dark & Light Blue

The Widow-R has the same fast side as the Widow.  The slow side is that flexible hybrid carpet material that everyone is raving about.  The speed of the fabric is blended due to the combination of different fiber materials.  So on super fast boards, the speed will be less than typical polyester fabrics such as our Viper.  When the boards are damp and sticky, the speed will be faster than a Viper.  The Widow-R will have slightly more firmness and fullness feel than a Viper-R.   Either one is a must have bag in a Pro’s arsenal.

Ultra Psycho-X Purple and Yellow

The Psycho-X has the same fast side as the Psycho but it is paired with a slightly sticky but loose slow side.  This bag has been a popular series among those looking to establish a block or need a little more bite on faster boards.  If you are a fan of the Psycho and want a little more stick on those fast days, this is the right bag for you.

Widow-B Red White

Widow-B has the Widow fast side and the same slow side as the Viper-B but with the addition of the Grip Tech control dots.  This bag has more stopping power on the stick side for blocking, cuts and rolls.  Flex is a little more than the Widow.  Once broken in, this bag does have hole friendliness.  Best used in faster conditions where a little more control is desired.

Ultra Viper-C Eagle Green and Silver

Viper-C has control dots on both the fast and slow side.   Much like the Viper, it features a medium speed slow side with a quicker fast side.  The bag has great hole friendliness yet not too floppy in the hand.  Break-in using our 1hr break-in kit.

Ultra Vapor-R Blue 2023

Easily the most under rated bag in our arsenal. If you enjoy the Viper-R but are looking for a little more firmness and control, then this series is a must. The tighter knit hybrid carpet slow side breaks in to a perfect blend of speed, control and hole friendliness. As per usual, one set per household and the sale is for a limited time only.

Ultra Widow Red White Cornhole Bags

Ultra Widow followed the Viper series as the second bag in the world to feature Grip Tech.  It has a bit more rigidity than the Viper and the fast side is only a little quicker than the slow side.  This bag does require some break-in via our 1-hr Break-In Kit, but once there, it is incredibly lethal.

Ultra Viper-R $ Money Green $

The Viper-R cornhole bag is breaking the internet with its popularity.  The $MoneyGreen$ color pairs perfectly with the Light Blue Viper-R released a month ago.  The bag features a unique, ultra-flexible, hybrid carpet on the slow side and the typical Viper fast side.  So if you are looking for a hole friendly bag with unique moisture performance, this is the one for you.

Ultra Mojo Navy Cornhole Bags

Mojo is a new Pro Series for the 2023 season and features the Cross Over speed technology.  This basically means that there isn’t a dedicated fast or slow side.  There is a graphic and a solid color side.  The solid color side is a full carpet fabric which will act like the slow side in dry/warm conditions and the fast side in high humidity conditions.  The graphic side is similar to the slow side of the Psycho-X.  This side has medium grip during faster conditions and medium/high grip during slower conditions.   The Mojo will break-in to medium flex.  Great bag for rolls, cuts and blocks while still having hole friendliness.

Ultra Viper 3yr Anniversary Cornhole Bags

Ultra’s undeniably most notorious cornhole bag is the venomous Viper.  It is the first bag in the world to feature Grip Tech control dots on the slow side.  The fast side is extra slippery which helps to cut though traffic or slip through the back door.  Extra flex makes this one of the most hole friendly bags on the market.  If you want a high PPR, this bag will certainly get you there.

Ultra Psycho Jacked Cornhole Bags
Ultra Widow-X Black Orange Cornhole Bags
Ultra Butter Wild Slide Cornhole Bags
Ultra Viper-B Ultra Nation Cornhole Bags
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