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Ultra Cornhole is the premier pro cornhole bags and boards manufacturer for serious cornhole players. We offer an amazing variety of bags for all play styles and conditions. All of our bags are ACL Pro Approved and used by many of the top professional players in the world.  If you are in the market for premium cornhole boards, pro cornhole bags, score tables or other accessories then you have come to the right place.

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New Bags are released regularly. This is where to find the hottest new bags in the game.


X marks the spot. With Viper-X you’ll bury bags in the hole like no other. The world famous Viper fast-side is the ultimate in fast and drippy. We’ve now combined that with a 100% fill carpet herringbone slow-side creating a bag that will have unparalleled drip and control for every possible shot. Get yours while you can as they are sure to sell out quickly.

Ultra Widow-R Green Spider 2024


The Widow-R packs bite. The versatile hybrid carpet slow side everyone loves when combined with the Widow’s top side creates a fuller feeling bag that is slower than the Viper-R yet can have a similar drip. The Widow-R is great for cutting and rolling if that is your game plan. The new Green Spider design is deadly.

Ultra Viper-R Cornhole Bags

The revolutionary Viper-R turned the game on it’s head in 2022. The Viper-R has won two ACL Open Singles Championships this year. Devon Harbaugh and Jayden Ellis tossed Viper-R to huge wins in Tiverton, WV and Hamilton, OH. You can now get Viper-R in your favorite ACL Teams colors too!

The Viper-R is the most popular bag in cornhole due to it’s hole friendliness and maximum forgiveness when throwing a less than flat bag. Viper-R is often imitated but never duplicated. You won’t get the same performance out of cheap copies. Get the ORIGINAL, Get Viper-R

The Throw Down Bags are HERE!

The 2024 Spencer’s The Throw Down Bags are here. 

Going to Spencer’s The Throw Down? Pick up your Spencer’s Ultra Bags now. The OG hybrid-carpet Viper-R and the all new Viper-X are the bags Ultra is bringing to Ventura, CA. Get yours before they sell out! Limited Quantities.

Go Custom!

Our first FULLY customizable bag is the original Viper. Check out all the options you can play with to make your very own, one of a kind, Ultra Viper cornhole bags!

Ultra Psycho-X Red 2024


Psycho-X has a feel like no other. The X-fabric is perfect for blocking, cutting and rolling. It is ready to go straight out of the package! It does slow down in moisture but in dry conditions, the Psycho-X is one of our most underrated bags. Many of our top pros like Daymon Dennis love the Psycho-X. Now available in 5 colorways with the new Red option hitting the site on 4-22-2024.  

Freak Sand ACL Pro 2024 Cornhole Bags


The Freak is a crazy combination of carpet and speed. The new fast-side is freakishly quick and flexible. The slow-side has amazing control allowing for blocks, cuts, rolls, and more. Now available in 4 colors with the new Sand option hitting the site on 3-14-2024.  

Viper Pink Champ ACL Pro 2024 Cornhole Bags


The Viper has been winning tournaments since 2019. Team Ultra’s Alan Rawls used the original Viper to win Singles at ACL Open #1. Now you can get the same bags he threw to win that massive event. Available in his signature Pink color. 

BUTTER-FLY Ultra Cornhole Bags.


Go for the Gold with Ultra’s Butter-fly cornhole bags. This hot new color is sure to have you looking golden on the podium after your next big win.

Elite Cornhole Boards
Ultra Elite 2 Cornhole Boards

NEW Ultra Elite II Cornhole Boards

Introducing the new Ultra Elite II! This is the most innovative cornhole board on the market. The Elite II utilizes advanced engineering to create one of the stiffest and strongest play surfaces in the game. Modified I-beam construction creates a board with maximum global stiffness. We have also added supports in key areas to address local stiffness and linked it all together with are Quad-Grid Backplate. New Ultra Grips™ are included on every set and work to keep your boards exactly where you put them with no movement! Check them out at our Board Shop

New designs release regularly so be sure to check back often. 

Ultra Elite II Cornhole Boards With Custom Color

Grab your set of our classic Ultra logo cornhole boards in your favorite trim color.


Ultra Apparel
Ultra Accessories
1hr Break-In Kit

1-Hour Break-In Kit

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ready for play in about an hour!

Ultra Scorer Pro

Scorer Pro

A must have accessory. Focus on
the game, not remembering the score.

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