Ultra Elite II Pro Cornhole Boards – Viper Edition Green

Ultra Elite II Pro Cornhole Boards – Viper Edition Green


NEW Ultra Elite II Cornhole Boards – Viper graphics. The most innovative cornhole boards on the market.



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Ultra Elite II Pro Cornhole Boards – Viper Edition Green

Introducing the NEW Ultra Elite II Pro Cornhole Boards.

At Ultra we have integrated 10+ years of board building experience and innovation into our NEW Ultra Elite II Pro Cornhole Boards. There are big changes in the new Elite II Pro cornhole boards. A new inset frame design leads new features. The Quad-Grid Backplate has been improved with added structural bracing to create maximum stiffness in the playing surface. The new patent pending Ultra Grips™ will keep the Elite II Pro cornhole boards exactly where you place them! This is just some of the advancements from 10+ years of experience in building cornhole boards. Ultra Boards are still built in the USA at our shop in San Diego, California.


Elite II Pro: Produced in 100% Baltic Birch plywood, the Pro model meets all standards for the highest levels of play.

Ultra Elite 2 Cornhole Boards

ultra-elite-2 side detail

Checkout what makes the Ultra Elite II the most innovative cornhole boards in the game:

  • American Cornhole League (ACL) Regulation Size and Weight.
  • Deck to Ground Angle = 11°
  • Deck Overhang Thickness = 1″
  • Hole and Rail Round-Over Radius = 3/16″
  • Quad-Grid Backplate optimizes the Stiffness to Weight while creating a highly rigid construction.
  • Patent Pending Ultra Grips™. Ultra Grips™ keep your boards in place and offer leveling options.

ultra-elite-2 rear detail


About the deck thickness:  There are a few new things going on with our deck. What’s not new is our 1/2″ Baltic birch plywood we use. But by using a thinner plywood, we can use mechanical engineering to better optimize the cornhole board for optimal weight, global stiffness and local stiffness. If we just used a 1″ plank of wood, the board will be very heavy. But if we using 1/2″ and we move the material away from the center like an I-beam, then we gain a lot of structural efficiency. Mark Pryor has a masters in mechanical engineering and designed these new boards with stiffness in mind.  The original Elites were good but there was feedback regarding bounce.  We took it to heart and made measurable improvements. For the outer edge of the table top, the thickness there is 1″ or actually 24mm. There are four full length continuous ribs that are bonded and in many places fastened to adjacent plywood parts. There is a partial back sheet which completes the I-beam and boosts the global stiffness of the board. If you want to learn more about use of material and structural efficiencies, this video does a decent job explaining using basic shapes. You can think of a thick face sheet as a solid rod where as our construction is more like an I-beam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aU-ayrNqHQ

Additional Information

Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 26 × 8 in


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