Breaking In Cornhole Bags

1hr Break-in kit for your cornhole bags

People do the Craziest Things:

Cornhole players approach breaking in their bags in countless ways. Social media is littered with cornhole bag break in methods ranging from simply throwing them thousands of times, to questionable stove top recipes, and everything in between.  Searching the deep archives of Addicted to Cornhole, you’ll find advice about various concoctions that can be applied to bags to help speed up the break in process. Everything from fabric softeners and conditioners to dangerous chemicals have been tried with varying results.  For years, We at Ultra have said not to do much to your bags if you wanted to keep them in warranty. We’ve tried everything and felt that a simple hot water rinse was all anyone really needed. Well the game has changed.


What’s Next?:

With all that experience, trying every cornhole bag break in method we could find, we have released our APPROVED, 1-Hr Break-In Kit. This method will get your bags ready for play in about an hour. Fresh from package and onto the boards that quickly is what players wanted. They didn’t want to spend weeks throwing airmails to get bags ready for their local blind draw. Our process has bags ready for even the biggest of tournaments in what amounts to a very short time.

Check out our 5min video showing our 5 Step Process to learn more about how our kit works:



What makes our process unique? We specially formulated conditioner and soap for this kit. Our Bag Conditioner is organic. It is odorless and will leave the bags just about where you want them without turning them to mush. Our Bag Soap is also organic and is designed to wash out all the conditioner leaving no residue from the conditioner that may affect play. The 1-Hr Break-In Kit also includes a Break-In Mallet. The Mallet allows you to work in the fabric faster and more precisely than simply throwing airmails will do. These components are what makes our kit work and gives players the results they want.

What Do You Get?:

With our kit you’ll follow a 5 Step Process to achieve the looser, more hole friendly characteristics you expect in an Ultra bag. Below are the 5 basic steps.

  1. Pre Soak. This is to loosen up the fabric binders and get the bags ready for the rest of the process.
  2. Condition. This is where we apply our Ultra Bag Conditioner and further loosen up that fabric binder. It’s also the first step we instruct customers to use the Break In Mallet.
  3. Wash. This step is designed to get all of the conditioner out of the bag and along with it and remaining binders. It will leave your bags clean and just about ready.
  4. Drying. We recommend drying your bags on LOW HEAT this will get them ready faster and the tumbling in the dryer helps to further loosen up the fibers in the bag.
  5. Final Break In. Final break-in utilizes the Break-In Mallet paying special attention to the corners and seams. You may also want to throw the bags at this time. Some of our technology like the dots found on Viper, Widow, Widow B and Psycho will only feel and react the way you want through throwing.

Get your Ultra Cornhole 1Hr Break-In Kit here:


Can I Use The Kit Twice?:

You can always run through the kit a second or third time if you want to get your bags extra loose. The Bag Soap also works great when you want to clean your bags after months of use. You can run this soap in your washing machine with a couple of towels and all that dirt and grime will wash right out. Washing your bags will give the dots on them a little more life, so you’ll want to account for that if you are washing them prior to a big tournament. You may not want that extra bite the dots add when they are fresh.

Proven to Win:

Does this kit work? Ask the Pros! At National 2 Cornhole Mania (March 19, 2022), a pair of Team Ultra Pros played a fresh set of Viper B’s. This set had just been broken-in on Wednesday night prior to flying out on Thursday.  They used these bags and were able to secure a 2nd place bracket finish. This was against some of the very best pro players in the world.  Both players thought the bags felt great and they CHOSE to play them. They pulled them from another Team Ultra player’s bag during warm ups. If that isn’t a ringing endorsement of the 1 Hr Break-In Kit’s ability to get bags game ready quickly, you might have to go back to those shady corners of the internet for some of those dangerous recipes and odd cornhole bag break-in methods.

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American Cornhole League (ACL) Professional cornhole player. Team Ultra player since 2019. Began playing cornhole in 2014 on a beach in San Diego with some local dads on a camping trip.

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