ACL National #3

ACL National #3 Results

The ACL’s Bag Brawl took place in the Pacific Northwest on June 9th, 10th and 11th. Bags were flying at the Portland Expo Center where Team Ultra‘s players were working hard to solidify their spots or make moves in the ACL’s Pro Singles and Doubles rankings. Being the 3rd event, it was critical that players make improvements or risk needing spectacular finishes in order to have a shot at the top 100 and top 50 in Pro Standings.


ACL PDC Qualifier

The weekend kicked off with the PDC Qualifiers. Teanitia Lashley continued her streak making the Pro bracket for the 3rd straight time and 4th if you include Worlds in 2022! On the Men’s side, Mario Estrada was “Doin’ Work” as he likes to say. His 4-2 finish in rounders gave him his first birth in the Pro Bracket for the season. Mario finished 1st in PDC Singles in Erie after missing the cut there. This marked a nice improvement for the Idaho native.


Pro Doubles

Pro Doubles kicked off the weekend for the Pros. Team Ultra had some solid performances. Steve Schroeder and Blake Karnick broke out for the first time this season with a bracket 3rd place finish. The Wisconsin duo knocked off former World Champions Jordan Power and Jay Rubin in the second round and carried that to win over Tanner Halbert and Eric Zocklein. Running the winner’s bracket put them in solid position where they finished up third. Alan Rawls and Chris Kingsbury continued to perform well. A second round loss sent them to the loser’s bracket where they ran off six wins on their way to a 3rd place bracket finish.

Other team’s to do well included Moses and Pedro Zazueta who finished 5th in their bracket. Duncan Clemmer and Noah Almanza notched a 6th place finish and got them in the money. Yetty Irwan and Dangerous Danny Seals finished 8th in their bracket while Andreu Labrador and Nick Williams nabbed a 10th place finish. Ultra’s Ty Lopez and Eric Tscherne finished 12th along with Ashton Speas and Sarah Cassidy.


ACL National #3 Karnick

Pro Singles

Singles kicked off Saturday after some ACL Teams action in the morning. The pros battled on 96 sets of boards so things moved along quickly. The third National is an opportunity to solidify a player’s ranking or to make a bounce back effort. 3 of the 4 Nationals count toward a team’s rank. It’s critical to make each game count at this level.

The top finisher for Team Ultra was Chris Kingsbury. The Florida product went on a run all the way to the winner’s final. He went 20 round with Mark Richards and ended up losing. Kingsbury faced off with Cheyenne Bubenheim to get back to Mark Richards. Chris lost a close one where he shot a 10.41 to Bubenheim’s 10.52. It was so close that at the end it was one bag off vs one more in that made the difference. 

Joe Kniesteadt made another solid run finishing 5th in his bracket. and puts him tied for 6th in Pro Singles. Alan Rawls took a minor step back with a bracket 6th. The finish puts him are 3rd overall. Both players have stepped their games up this season! Moses Zazueta and Nick Williams continue doing what they do. Both finished 8th. Ty Lopez rounds it out with a 10th place finish and $200. 

ACL National #3 Kingsbury

ACL National #3 Sunday Events


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! The events of Sunday are always exciting and fast paced! There are 3 Open events: Open Senior Singles, Open Women’s Singles and Open Junior Singles.  Daymon Dennis finished 2nd for the first time this season. Daymon has been at the top of the Senior division all season. He is tied for 1st in Open Senior Rankings. Jimmy McGuffin places 3rd continuing his strong performance in the division. Tom Walter notched a 5th and took home a little cash. 


Women’s Singles saw Team Ultra’s Gina Ramirez make a strong run. The Arizona native was coming off her win at the Pro Shootout in Mesa. She continued to do her thing throwing fire and taking 4th. To get there she had to battle with Team Ultra’s Yetty Irwan. Ramirez topped Irwan 22-8. Irwan had come out of a 25 round battle with fellow Ultra player Kimberli Glass. The game ended 21-19 with Glass throwing a 9.36 to Irwan’s 9.44. Ramirez had a battle of her own to get to Irwan. Sarah Cassidy was throwing gas at 9.59 and Gina equalled it with a 9.81. The teammates went 27 rounds with 17 4 baggers between them with Gina taking the win 24-18.  Mikayla Calvey showed up on Sunday and made sure all the ladies knew she was there. As one of 2 Juniors in the Women’s Division, Calvey finished 9th. 

Pro Blind Draw

The Pro Blind Draw is always a fun event. Ultra’s Brevon Valdivia picked up a bracket second with Alex Hicks. Ryan Hart combined with Jimmy Youmans to get a bracket 3rd. Peter Zazueta Jr. and Noah Almanza partnered with a pair of Jordans and both took home a bracket 4th. Brandon Sehlmeyer and Gavin Cano notched a 5th as did Alan Rawls with Mark Richards while a new Ultra TEAM was formed with Terry mathis and Dan Walker Jr also notching a 5th place bracket finish.

ACL National #3 Valdivia

Looking Ahead

The Pro Tour rolls into the Motor City on June 30th. The Pros will play in Detroit until July 2nd. You can follow our pros on our facebook page or their own social media platforms.

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