ACL Canada Open Champions

ACL Canada Open Niagara Falls

March 31st through April 2nd, 2023 the ACL made it’s second trip to “The North”. Team Ultra’s Michigan pros made the trip in force. Joe K. in particular put on a show leading up to the first ACL Pro National of the year.  

Open Singles

That guy, Joe Kniesteadt continued is strong start to 2023 with a big Singles win in Niagara Falls. Along his path he scored victories over Richard Bushway, Jayden Ellis, Steve DeRycke and Jordan Power in his bracket before topping Ben Brown for the overall title.

Jayden Ellis had a nice run notching a 5th place run for the Team Ultra Advanced youngster. Watch out for this kid who has been making noise all season in the Great Lakes area.


ACL Canada Open Singles Champ

Tier 1 Open Doubles

In Open Doubles, Joe K. and Jeremy Schermerhorn finished 4th. They dropped their second game which put them in a tough quadrant on the loser’s bracket for Team Ultra. The bracket lined up in such a way that the due of Dangerous Danny Seals and Yetty Irwan had to first play fellow Team Ultra players Reuben Snyder and Kyle Petering before getting to Kniesteadt and Schermerhorn. It was a tough break for the team overall but Joe and Jeremy put together a great run after.

WCO Teams Event

The World Cornhole Organization put on a Teams event in Canada. On the US side of the bracket, the team from Michigan with Team Ultra’s Joe Kniesteadt, Jeremy Schermerhorn and Jayden Ellis won their bracket. This set them up to play the Canadian bracket winners and Team USA took the gold. This is always a fun event to watch with so many rooting for their home countries. The friendly rivalry continues to grow as Canada continues to embrace the sport of cornhole and their top players are starting to really compete with their neighbors to the south.


ACL Canada Open Teams Champions

ACL Swap

The Canada Open featured an ACL Swap event and Joe K. was gifted a great draw. He picked up fellow Team Ultra player Jayden Ellis and the duo from Michigan took the top spot. Overall a great weekend for Kniesteadt, Ellis and Team Ultra.

ACL Canada Open ACL Swap Champs

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