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This past season, I had the pleasure of playing in the ACL’s pro division for a second season. Much like any cornhole tournament, a pro tournament has players of a variety of skill levels. They just ALL happen to be elite. How elite? Many wonder. Well last season, top down, the Women of the ACL were better than ever. And it is just the beginning! This season is shaping up to be even better for women in corhole.

At every event last season, I found myself lined up with some of the best female players in the world. I went to battle against some big name female players like Sarah Cassidy and Yetty Irwan among others. I won some and lost some. Each time it was a grind! Every woman I faced possessed incredible skill throwing bags. When they won, each did so with grace. When losing, these women in cornhole never gave up the fight. I gained so much respect for each of these athletes after I had the chance to play them. I often hear female players say that they are disrespected when they hear “I don’t want to lose to a girl” or other things that are less than acceptable. Not once has one of these ladies said “I can’t believe I lost to that guy”. That should tell you something about how these ladies approach the game. They know anyone can play and anyone can win. And when the best of the best step into the box, they bring it.

Women in Cornhole

So why write this? Over the course of last season, I experienced a seismic shift in just how good these women in cornhole are. Not only have I battled them on the boards, twice I had the opportunity to play high level blind draws with two of the best women in the Pro division. In Atlantic City, I drew Cheyenne Renner, for a pre-national, regional blind draw. She was incredible to play with. This young lady not only tossed my bags, she shot them better than me! You are probably thinking, of course she did. Darn right she did! And she gave me 110% effort! The Mrs. Bubenheim put me in her backpack and carried me through a number of games when she could have packed it up and gone to bed early. Not Cheyenne. She battled to the very end and encouraged me the entire night. My game was not anywhere near her game in terms of consistency and shot making. She had me shooting every airmail even when I was missing them all. We’ve all seen a player quit on their partner when they didn’t get a great draw and Cheyenne did no such thing! We had a respectable finish, but I gained so much more having had the opportunity to play so many games with her.

Then it happened AGAIN. This time in Chicago I drew Connie Altice. Some players might say something stupid such as “my luck sucks, I always draw a girl”. I knew better. Connie is a great player and I was stoked to get her. I grabbed my bags and went up to the assigned court to meet Connie. She said she could shoot my Vipers well, and had before her current sponsor. We started out a little slow but she continued to grind and gave me her best all day! What an absolute pro too. You win as a team and lose as a team. In the first game I picked her up in a tight game while she battled an elite slider like herself. Later, against a team of two of the best players in the world, she showed how amazing she can be. She tossed a 10.3 and scored a ton of points as I attempted to toss my bags down the middle and hang on against one of the game’s icons. That was a highlight game for me last season. When we washed out a game later she was gracious and a true Pro. I knew I had missed a few too many bags and cost us that last one. She did what a player should do and said she had fun. She thanked me and we had a short chat. What an awesome pro, is what I took away from our little run.

Supporting the Growth of Women in Cornhole

Ultra is committed to supporting the growth of women in cornhole at all levels. This season Ultra has sponsored 8 women. I’m excited to see what Sarah Cassidy and Yetty Irwan can do shooting what I think are the best bags in the game. Both showed flashes of brilliance last season and not just in women’s events but in Pro Singles and Pro Doubles. In February, I went out to Arizona. There I played against and with rookie ACL Pro, Gina Ramirez. I enjoyed every second of our Blind Draw run. When we played against each other in the Kings’ Seat game of doubles, Gina stayed just ahead of my partner, firing bag after bag into the hole. Her poise on the boards and her determination to put bags in was impressive. Team Ultra’s 2023 roster also includes Kimberli Glass, Wendy Sehlmeyer, Tanitia Lashley and our Advanced Team includes Melissa Felix and Stacy Vangilder. All of these female athletes are looking to make a big impact in 2023.

Let’s Go!

Moral of this story, don’t underestimate the women in cornhole. They continue to push this game forward. Women are elite baggers. More are coming too. They can all shoot! And if you take them lightly, you will lose. It’s also time we give them the respect they deserve. The next time you play against one of them, win or lose, give them the same respect you’d give to one of the game’s greats. Look them in the eye, give them a fist bump and tell them they made you sweat, they kicked your tail or simply good game. When you pull a female player in your local blind draw, give them everything you’ve got in the tank. Be respectful, maybe try and smile yourself. The women’s revolution is just starting. As more and more women find their way to this sport, we will see more elite level female players. And throughout the sport’s divisions, we will see women that can and will win. You don’t want to be “That Guy”. Show these athletes the respect they deserve.


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American Cornhole League (ACL) Professional cornhole player. Team Ultra player since 2019. Began playing cornhole in 2014 on a beach in San Diego with some local dads on a camping trip.

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