Special Edition Bags

Special Edition Ultra Bags

Notice: These products are not part of a normal release and are priced much higher than what we sell them for during a release.  The purpose of offering them here is to apply a maximum price ceiling to people who purchase the limited supply with the intent to resell. We are not asking our customers to purchase these.  In fact, we urge against it.   But the fact remains, that some people will pay whatever it takes.  And this is what inflates the resell price to be 2x what we have it listed for here.  If you don’t want to spend this much, then please wait for our normal release which we advertise on Facebook.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Ultra Viper Carbon Fiber and Yellow
Widow Ultra Bag Orange and Black
ultra viper special edition green navy
ultra viper special edition navy green
ultra viper special edition red black
ultra viper special edition black red
Ultra Viper Colorado Special Edition

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