Airmail Delivery

Airmail Delivery with Corey Ballard

How to Shoot Airmails 

ACL Pro Corey Ballard takes you through the mechanics of his throw. Specifically, Ballard shares the mechanics of his airmail in this new video from our friends at the Cornhole Network.  Corey is a rookie ACL Pro from Fillmore, California. He just got home from a successful weekend in South Dakota where he finished 4th in his bracket at the ACL Open along with a 5th place in Pro Shootout #3. Ballard is an intense competitor and is looking to continue his progression as an ACL Pro. The airmail is a critical shot for his success as he employs a more traditional slide, block, push, airmail approach to the game.

You can check out the video here:

Ballard plays Ultra’s Viper-R in most situations. He likes how it stays true and straight. It is forgiving in critical situations. The Hole-Friendliness of the bag makes collecting bags around the hole look easy. When needed, Corey will play the Psycho-X. This bag is used when the speeds of the board dictate. Corey has been throwing Ultra since 2019. when he first fell in love with the game. For the 2023 pro season, Corey has partnered with Mark Lopez forming one of the top doubles teams in California.¬†

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