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Ultra Face Mask - Widow - Gray and Red

Introducing our new #UltraFaceMask. It is not N95 filtration level but better than most other options. Scarves are poor at filtering air as the material is pressed up against the user’s lips essentially eliminating the effective filtration area. The mask needs to be off the mouth to allow air to pass through more of the mask. The better the mask filters air, the more area is needed to breathe easy. That’s why N95 masks protrude out. Surgical masks do not seal to the face allowing unfiltered air both in and out. A mask with an exhaust valve does not filter outgoing air creating potential for contaminating the air and surfaces. Our mask utilizes a dense but breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and resists mildew. It’s rugged and can be washed and dried often. There is an elastic cord that provides balanced tension by going over your head and around your neck staying clear of you ears to improve comfort while creating an optimal mask seal. There is a nose clip to form a better seal and minimize exhaust from escaping around you nose. We will offer many designs and a few size options soon.  The design of this mask shown here is Widow theme in Dark Gray and Red.  In our limited testing, this large mask size fit comfortably with our employees that had varying face sizes and shapes. All sales are final and masks can not be returned. The elastic cord does contain latex.

How to Wear Our Mask

Video coming soon!

  1. Wash and dry your mask before putting it on.  We recommend a tumble dry on high heat.  Check the inside of the mask for any loose fibers or particles.   Taking a small piece of Scotch tape and dabbing it to the inside is advised to ensure free particles are removed.    
  2. Start by finding the nosepiece.  Make sure it had enough space at the bridge to comfortably fit your nose.  You can easily bend the nosepiece to conform to you nose.  You want it to be snug but comfortable.  The less air that flows through openings around your eyes the better. 
  3. Take the elastic cord and pull it all the way out from the bottom end of the mask.  Now, put this cord over your head around the back of your neck.  The mask will still be in front and can hang down by your chest when not in use. 
  4. Grab the upper part of the cord and pull it out.  While doing this, guide the nosepiece to your nose.   Pull the upper cord to the top back portion of your head.  There is a point where the cord will not fall down or pull forward.  It is a balance point. 
  5. Pull the ends of the cord to tighten it so that the mask is snug against the face but not uncomfortable.  It should be a lightly snug fit.   Once you determine the perfect cord tension for you, you can trim the excess cord.   Before trimming, it is advised to put a knot in the cord so as to not pull it through the zip tie.  We provided a few extra zip ties in case this happens.    
  6. Wash and dry your mask frequently.   
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