Viper-C Ultra Bags (Set of 4 Bags)

Viper-C Ultra Bags (Set of 4 Bags)

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Vipers-C ACL Approved 2023 Pro Series ***Before You Purchase, read the terms in the description below***  They are important.  You will need to agree to them before you add them to the cart. Please follow us on Facebook for future releases dates and time.

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Use our Approved 1hr Break-In Kit 

See the Green Skin Viper-C Bag

Terms for Purchasing Viper-C Bags:  The customer must agree to these addition terms regarding the Viper-C bag prior to completing their order.  There are a few things we want to bring to the customer’s attention to prevent questions and concerns later on.

  1. The current limit is One Set of Each Color per household.  If we determine that you were able to purchase more then we will refund all your orders no questions asked.
  2. Raffling our bags online is prohibited.  If you are a known raffler, your order will be canceled.
  3. Ordering bags with the intent to resell for more than the purchase price is prohibited.  Our limited inventory is meant for customers, not resellers.
  4. Normally, 0rders will take 1-10 business days to ship from our shop in  San Diego, CA.  When they ship, you should receive a confirmation from us with tracking information.  Shipping takes 1-3 business days.  Please do not contact us regarding the status of your order until 10 business days from the order date to keep our staff busy working on shipping orders rather than answering questions.  Your cooperation is much appreciated.  If you have the order number, then we have your order and are working on it.  
  5. Durability of the Viper-C bag is very good however it is prone to snags on the fast side.   You are encourage to check all surfaces of the boards you are playing for anything that could snag the fibers of the bag.   Usually, a light sanding with 220 grit sand paper is all that is required.   If a larger splinter is present, then application of 5 minute epoxy is recommended to smooth out that area.  This is a high performance bag and is not recommended for play on rough boards or surfaces.   If you do get a snag, generally what happens is only cosmetic where a fiber will shift out of place and the print will highlight a streak.  We recommend coloring the streak with ultra fine point Sharpies available from Amazon.  Small touch up and clipping of loose threads with finger nail clippers or small scissors is all that is required.   The point of concern is when a bead can fit through a hole.   You agree to not purchase this bag if you feel that this is unacceptable.  We still warranty the bag for defects but not for damage due to play.
  6. If you don’t get a confirmation email, then check your spam and junk mail.   Make sure to print your confirmation page or save as a PDF.
  7. Break in the bags using our 1-Hour Break-In Kit. Any other method of breaking in voids warranty. Boiling or excess heat could damage the bag! 
  8. Warranty of these bags is 45 days from the date received.   The warranty covers stitching failures.   Cosmetic defects must be brought to our attention within 7 days from the date received.   The warranty does not cover snags as described previously.  Warranty is not transferable.


ACL Pro Series approved for the 2023 season! The Viper bags have arrived and they are deadly!   The release quantity is limited.  Most colors are now available.   Be prepared to wait at least 5-20 business days to receive these bags as the demand is high.  Custom options are not available at this time.  Multi-set discounts are not available at this time.  

About the Bag:  This bag is quite unique.  The fast side is similar to the fast side of the Vapor bag but it is a slightly different knit to minimize snags.  The slow side is similar to the fast side of the Cobra bag but it has the patent pending Speed Control technology pressed into them.  Speed Control is an array of dots that are arranged in a specific pattern to slow the speed down to a level near that of the X but still quicker than the X.   Great for indoor medium to slow speed conditions.   Both the fast and slow side of the Viper-C have Speed Control technology. For fast boards, consider the Widow.  For very fast conditions but retaining looseness, consider Vapor-X or Vapor.  The primary difference Viper-C and Vapor-X is the flex of the fabric is better and the friction around the edges are minimal.  What this means is the bag is more capable of slipping into the hole.  It is better at working around bags and going in the back door.   It is more forgiving when the bag lands slightly on edge.   This bag has been designed to be loose and forgiving but also controllable in the hand.   Give this bag about 10 games to break in.  

Fast Side Speed Rating (Cold/Damp): 6   Cuts through heavy moisture like the Vapor bag. 

Fast Side Speed Rating (Hot/Dry): 8   Very quick.  Too quick for most.  But a great hole magnet if you get it close.   

Slow Side Speed Rating (Cold/Damp): 4   It will slow down but still move.    

Slow Side Speed Rating (Hot/Dry): 6   Quick, but a great hole magnet if you get it close. 

Looseness Rating: 8.5   Great forgiveness and a hole magnet.  Still has a good feel in the hand. 

Durability Rating: 8.5  Probably the most durable bag we’ve ever produced.  However, the fast side is prone to snagging.   The fibers of the fabric are super strong  and when they catch onto a splinter they pull out of the fabric instead of breaking.  This will not cause the bag to fall apart but it will look like a line in the bag.   We do not warranty fiber pull outs so be sure the boards you play on are smooth on all edges.     

Click here for the Bag Comparison Chart

About Speed Ratings:  Speed of bags is strongly dependent on the humidity level and the type of fabric.   Cotton or duck bags will generally be very fast in hot/dry conditions and slow in cold/damp conditions.  Synthetic fabric such as polyester will play much quicker in cold/damp conditions and is generally more predictable.   Speed rating of “0” means the bag is so sticky that the bag will not move even when the board is tilted at a 60° angle.   Speed rating of “10” means the bag will slowly move down the board at regulation board angle of 10.5°.

About Looseness Rating:  Looseness is based on the stiffness of the fast side fabric.  A tighter weave will generally produce a stiffer bag.  Looseness rating of “0” means the bag is very stiff and is highly likely to clog the hole.  A Looseness rating of “10” means the bag will slip into the smallest opening if the fast side speed rating is high.

About the stick side:  Normally our bags come in two stick speeds, regular sticky and less sticky.  The less sticky bags had an X after the name.  But the Viper-C is different.   It has new patent pending tech called Speed Control.   This tech slows down the speed to a manageable slickness.    Bags that are quick find the hole easier but if they are too quick they can find the ground even easier.  So we try to target a balance of stick and slip and we believe we have achieved that.  

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

5 reviews for Viper-C Ultra Bags (Set of 4 Bags)

  1. 5 out of 5

    JC Covalesky (verified owner)

    I have a few sets of the OG Viper C bags. Therefore, this particular release was very exciting and I didn’t hesitate to add these new Viper C bags to my Ultra bag arsenal. Like most, I ordered a set in each color and now, both sets are now broken in for serious game play. Matching up bags with specific board play is key and when you do, these bags are amazing with hole friendly play, speed, push-ability and their no hop or kick landing enables some great blocking as well. Just another 5 Star bag from our friends at Ultra Cornhole!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Excellent bag that plays true and extremely hole friendly. These bags have elevated my game!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Long Saravoutay

    Never had one loved throwing a few times

  4. 5 out of 5

    lureking84 (verified owner)

    My all time favorite cornhole bag company.I love my new viper-c’s.They are pretty good right out of the bag.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Eddie (verified owner)

    My new favorite ultra bag.

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