About Us

About Ultra Cornhole and Vorticy

Ultra Cornhole is a top of the line, professional grade cornhle product manufacturer. We produce some of the best, most innovative bags in the game. We also produce boards and other gear to help you play the game at any level. Created by a small business located in San Diego, called Vorticy™ (pronounced vor-ti-see), Our mission is to create high-end, innovative products that perform to the highest levels. Customer service and satisfaction are our primary goals. Our business strategy is to engineer greatness and the rest will follow. The founder of Vorticy, Mark Pryor, grew up playing Ultra Cornhole at his grand parents’ house.  With so many fond memories rooted in Cornhole, Mark decided to build a company around it. Vorticy has worked on several other products, such as Puckhole.com, BagToss.com,  Pong-O™Foldable Beer Pong TableSpiderBats™ and continues to develop high-tech, innovative games in it’s top secret shop.

Ultra Cornhole has evolved from a family game. But it has never drifted too far from it’s roots: Bringing people together with good food, a cold drink and tossing some bags. It turns a regular BBQ into something special. This game is great for men, women, seniors and kids! Anyone can play.

Through the years, Ultra has evolved with the game we love. Today, Ultra is one of the premier makers of Cornhole Bags, Boards and Accessories in the world. The majority of our products are Made in America with pride in San Diego, California. Ultra is active on the Pro Tour with over 45 professional cornhole players and many more advanced players playing across the United States for Team Ultra.

Payment Options

We offer payment by credit card or Paypal. We even accept payments by mail. Click here for the order form and instructions. We can do payments over the phone, but we prefer you do it online. It saves us some time and minimizes the chances for errors. If you have questions about payment, contact us and we’ll respond quickly, unless we are out playing Ultra Cornhole.

Live Near San Diego?

If you live in San Diego and want to pick up your boards or other oversized products, enter your zip code on the “Shopping Cart” page and click “Update Shipping”. The “Pickup From Store” option will appear. Select this option and no shipping fees will be added to your total order cost. Bags and other smaller items are only available shipped at this time. Do not use this option if you are not picking up your products. We will not ship items labeled “Pickup From Store”. Please contact us to set up an appointment, as we don’t have regular business hours. We are also host several tournaments in the area, so check out our event page.