Regulator Ultra Bags (Set of 4 Bags)

Regulator Ultra Bags (Set of 4 Bags)

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The Regulators are medium stick on one side and full stick on the other. Save $$$ when you buy more than one set!!  It’s a great bag for hot slippery boards.

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The Regulator bags are perfect for someone who wants controlled slide on one side and full stick on the other.   Available in several colors, the unique design will compliment your style.    They are a premium two sided cornhole bag with great color and graphics. You get 4 bags but you can save $$$ when you buy multiple sets.  (see discount table and coupon codes below).  At 10 bag sets and greater, you are eligible for a logo on all bags for just $9.95. The logo must be the same on all bags. Simply add to the logo to one set of bags and in the comments that all sets in the cart get that logo.  This discount applies to all Ultra bag sets in your cart including options such as names and images.

About the Bag:  These bags have a medium stick on one side and full stick on the other.   The fast side has a smooth brushed feel that can be easily gripped.  The slow side is typical suede.   The corners are slightly rounded to maximize hole shots.  Both sides of the bag can be fully customized with color images. 

Fast Side Speed Rating (Cold/Damp): 3  Tends to slow down with moisture on the board.  Look at the Vapor for better damp slide. 

Fast Side Speed Rating (Hot/Dry): 6   Good speed but can be quick.  

Looseness Rating: 5.5  A little on the firm side.  Don’t expect these to slip into small hole openings.  

Durability Rating: 8  Durable for a pro grade bag.     

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About Speed Ratings:  Speed of bags is strongly dependent on the humidity level and the type of fabric.   Cotton or duck bags will generally be very fast in hot/dry conditions and slow in cold/damp conditions.  Synthetic fabric such as polyester will play much quicker in cold/damp conditions and is generally more predictable.   Speed rating of “0” means the bag is so sticky that the bag will not move even when the board is tilted at a 60° angle.   Speed rating of “10” means the bag will slowly move down the board at regulation board angle of 10.5°.

About Looseness Rating:  Looseness is based on the stiffness of the fast side fabric.  A tighter weave will generally produce a stiffer bag.  Looseness rating of “0” means the bag is very stiff and is highly likely to clog the hole.  A Looseness rating of “10” means the bag will slip into the smallest opening if the fast side speed rating is high.

About the X factor:  The sticky or suede side comes in two different speeds, regular sticky and less sticky.  The less sticky slow side bags are the X series and will be designated with a “-X” after the bag name.  So Regulators bag with a medium slow stick side will be a Regulators-X bag.

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4 10.0% 4bagsets
6 12.5% 6bagsets
8 15.0% 8bagsets
10 17.5% 10bagsets
12 20.0% 12bagsets

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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