PUCS Board Stabilization System

PUCS Board Stabilization System


Do your boards move? After hours of play have your boards shifted? PUCS is the perfect solution! The PUCS board stabilization system will keep your boards exactly where you put them. Every game, Every throw, All Day and All Night.

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PUCS are a revolutionary cornhole board stabilizing, leveling and surface protection system. PUCS are designed to keep your cornhole boards in place during game play. Trust what the pros trust to keep their boards in place while allowing the boards to flex and move the way they were intended. PUCS ensures your board will be in the right place every shot, every game, every time!

The premium gel pad on each PUC is perfect for surfaces such as carpet, wood, tile, concrete, artificial turf and more. The pads are easily rinsed off to clean them and they regain their stick when air dried. The corner shape cradles any cornhole board perfectly allowing the boards to react as normal which is why the PUCS system is used on TV and by top Pro players to keep their boards locked into position.

Each set of PUCS comes with 8 PUCS which is enough for one full court (2 boards). Our PUCS come with a tote bag that is perfect for keeping them together between uses and storing them. They are a great way to keep your Ultra Elite boards perfectly aligned all day or night.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 5 in


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