Force Browser Refresh

Force Browser Refresh

The new server is up and running for the sale is today.   You may have a hard time accessing pages off the new website.  Please read below in the description and follow the instructions.  Thank you!!



The Sale is Today – Make Sure Your Device Is Ready!

ATTN: New server is up and running. Some people may find they can’t access it. This is because the device you are using has stored the old website (cache) and is not refreshing. If you are reading this, you are viewing a page off the new server!  But you will need to check other pages too.  Click here and check your address for billing and shipping. Making any changes will fully test your device (you can make a small change and then change it back).
If you are still having issues, please try the following:
For Desktop Windows: ctrl + F5
For Mac: Command + R
iPhones: Close all browser tabs for Ultra and then open one in private mode
Android: Close all browser tabs for Ultra and open in incognito.
Any Device: Turn off wi-fi, access Ultra in a new page/tab. Turn wi-fi back on.
If you tried all of these and you still can not see parts of the website, please comment here the device you are using and the browser version.


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