Ultra Cornhole Bags

Current Release – 2023 ACL Pro Series

Ultra Butter Wild Slide

Smooth Like Butter Shirt

Previous ACL Pro Series Releases

Ultra Viper-B Ultra Nation
Ultra Nation Shirt
Ultra Viper-B Fireball
Ultra Viper-B Fireball
Ultra Widow-X Nebula
Ultra Widow-X Nebula
Ultra Psycho-X Sunset Throw Down 2022
Ultra Psycho-X Sunset Throw Down 2022 Cornhole Bags
Ultra Widow-R Blue/Green Throw Down 2022
Ultra Widow-R Blue/Green Throw Down 2022 Cornhole Bags
The Throw Down 2022 Release Sale

Ultra Viper-R Navy
Viper-C Green Skin
Ultra Widow Blue and Lime
Ultra Viper-C Black and Green
Ultra Widow-X Grey Camo 2022_01_23
Ultra Widow-B Black & Navy 2022_01_09
Ultra Viper-B Purple ACL Pro Series
Ultra Vapor-R Red
Widow-R Red
Psycho-X Black and Yellow
Ultra Viper-B Orange Bengal
Ultra Viper Blue Ram
Ultra Butter Navy & Orange 2022_01_09
Ultra Psycho-X Teal and Light Blue ACL Pro Series

ACL Approved Pro Series Bags for the 2023 SeasonPro Series will include:  Viper, Viper-C, Widow, Widow-B, Butter, Psycho, Viper-B, Psycho-X, Widow-X, Viper-R, Widow-R and Vapor-R

Ultra Bag Speed Data ACL New
2021-2022 Pro Series Ultra Cornhole Bags

Due to popularity, each series will be released in stages. The best way to get new series on release sale is to follow us on Facebook  

Ultra Bags are some of the most advanced cornhole bags on the market today.  There are different speeds and flexibility available to meet the precise needs of the players.  They have game changing flex, razor like precision and cheetah like speed.   Due to strong demand, most of our popular bags are available during releases on Facebook.   The Pro Series Vipers and Widows will be available first in limited colors.

Ultra Cornhole Viper Blue and Green ACL Pro Series Approved
Viper-C Light Blue and Black 2021-2022 ACL Pro Series
Ultra Widow Pro Series White and Light Blue
Ultra Psycho ACL Pro Series Teal and Red

Accelerated Bag Break-in Process:  Check out our new 1-Hour Break-In Kit. It is the best way to break in your cornhole bags and not have them smell like a hair salon.  

Ultra Cornhole