Ultra Cornhole Bags

ACL Approved Pro Series Bags for the 2020-2021 Season

Viper, Viper-C, Widow, Widow-B, Butter, Psycho

Grandfathered Series Includes: Cobra, Cobra-X, Vapor, Vapor-X, Loosey 

*Bags are available at reduced prices during limited releases advertised on Facebook  

The All New Viper & Widow Bags

Ultra Bags are some of the most advanced cornhole bags on the market today.  There are different speeds and flexibility available to meet the precise needs of the players.  They have game changing flex, razor like precision and cheetah like speed.   Due to strong demand, most of our popular bags are available during releases on Facebook.   The Pro Series Vipers and Widows will be available first in limited colors.

Ultra Cornhole Viper Orange ACL Pro Series Approved
Orange Viper - ACL Approved Pro Series
Widow Light Blue
Widow Light Blue

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